Human subjects research requires review and approval by an Institutional Review Board (IRB) prior to subject recruitment, data collection, or any use of private information. The Scholarly Projects Department at the College of Medicine – Phoenix serves as a resource for investigators and students and assists them in addressing research protocol and IRB compliance issues. All student research involving human subjects must go through Keilana Valdez, MSc, senior research specialist, in order to obtain the necessary training and complete the IRB application process. If you need further IRB assistance, please fill out our Google Form.
Below are some simple steps to guide you through the process.

Step 1.  Complete both Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) and Conflict of Interest (COI) Training and Requisites.

You must complete the Biomedical Research Investigator CITI training course, which provides education on human subjects research. Please use the Single Sign On option to log in to the CITI program. To do this, click Log In and then click Log In through my Organization. Choose University of Arizona from the institution list and you will be prompted to sign in with your NetID and password.

For COI, please contact Keilana Valdez, MSc. She will issue the eDisclosure form to you, as well as any pertinent research personnel.

Step 2.  Determine whether or not it is human subjects research.

This is not an easy determination to make if you are not familiar with the federal regulations related to human subjects research. If your project includes data that reveals patient identity or it involves an interaction/intervention with participants, it will most likely be considered human subjects research. The Determination of Human Research form will help guide you through making the determination.

Step 3: Fill out the human subject research application form.

For projects that are found to qualify as research involving human subjects, an application along with supplement information needs to be completed for review by the IRB. You can find the latest versions on the Research Gateway website.

Step 4: Submit the application and supporting documents to Keilana Valdez, MSc, senior research specialist.

The research specialist will review the application and supporting documents to make sure everything is correct before submission to the Tucson HSPP office and the UA IRB.