Year 3 Curriculum Contact Information

Contact: Katarina Valancova Acevedo
Email: @email


Year 3 clerkships, which begin immediately following the Transitions to Clerkships block, are composed of 44 weeks of core clerkships, each of which includes an orientation that prepares students with information and skills needed in the specific rotation. Students will have ample opportunity to engage in patient care both in inpatient as well as outpatient settings.

Longitudinal Patient Care

The Longitudinal Patient Care program provides students the opportunity to work in interprofessional teams with a community health mentor throughout year 3 of the medical curriculum. Students will meet with their community health mentor as a group nine times to learn about the mentor's medical condition, barriers to health care, communication and collaboration.

Personal and Professional Development

The Personal and Professional Development course (PPD) spans across years 3 and 4 to prepare students for their upcoming adjacent clerkships, residency preparedness, and career development. Each PPD week includes synchronous and asynchronous sessions along with dedicated focus time for wellness. 

Scholarly Project Year 1-4

During the Scholarly Project course, which spans the entire four years of study, students learn about medical information literacy, life-long learning, teamwork, effective communication, research methods, evidence-based medicine approaches and ethics related to scholarly inquiry. Each of these topics will be explored in depth as the student completes an individual hypothesis-driven research project over the course of this four-year experience.

Year 3 Sample Curriculum