Scientists and clinicians at the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix are challenging norms and exploring unique therapies to develop better treatments for devastating neurological conditions. The ultimate goal is to better understand the mechanisms underlying neurologic diseases and disorders, so they can be prevented. 

By exploring new therapies — such as circuit-based therapeutics and utilizing microelectrodes to record neural signals — our researchers are at the forefront of the cutting-edge discovery that will improve the tools for disease detection and diagnosis in a wide spectrum of neurological conditions. These include autism, depression, schizophrenia, traumatic brain injury, intracerebral hemorrhage, stroke, cerebral palsy and Alzheimer’s.

In addition, these discoveries have earned our distinguished researchers and faculty numerous distinctions and grants, fostering collaborative partnerships across Arizona — with Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Barrow Neurological Institute, as well as the Phoenix VA Health Care System — and beyond.

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