Humix and the MicroGUT Platform for Studying the Human Microbiome

The Eco-Systems Biology research group at the Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine and the Center for Applied NanoBioscience and Medicine (ANBM) at the University of Arizona have recently developed a novel, microfluidics-based human-microbial co-culture system called HuMiX, which is a representative model for the gastrointestinal interface and allows for the systematic investigation of molecular interactions between human and microbial cells in vitro.

Possible applications of the technology are far-reaching, as human-microbe interactions are emerging as key factors in human health and disease, as well as in nutrition and pharmacokinetics. The HuMiX2.0 PoC project is focused on maturing the HuMiX platform technology into a high throughput and optimized platform with addition of key functionalities in line with the current market needs. The goal is to create a HuMiX platform with the capability to reliably handle six modules for applications targeting drug screening, discovery and other industrial applications. Sponsor: Fonds National de La Recherche du Luxembourg / University of Luxembourg (UNIL).