The Registrar's Office is responsible for maintaining permanent academic records for students and graduates of the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix in compliance with FERPA regulations and following the guidelines set by the AAMC. Other responsibilities include:

  • Transcript(s).
    • Order Transcript
  • Providing a copy of the MSPE with restrictions.
  • Providing a degree verification letter.
  • Completing degree verification forms.
  • Providing a certified diploma copy.
  • Completing state licensure forms.
  • Facilitating official name changes.
  • Registration, schedule maintenance and posting grades in UAccess.
  • Student verification and document upload in VSAS to support away rotations.
  • Providing letters of good standing for current students.
  • Uploading transcripts and the MSPE to ERAS and MIDUS.
  • Verification of student status for the USMLE and NRMP.
  • Degree verification and document upload in FCVS.
  • Establishing education agreements.

Student consent is required before releasing information.

For more information, please contact @email.

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