The registrar is responsible for maintaining permanent academic records for students and graduates of the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix in compliance with FERPA regulations and following the guidelines set by the AAMC. Other responsibilities include:

  • Transcript(s).
    • Order Transcript
  • Facilitating official name changes.
  • Registration, schedule maintenance and posting grades in UAccess.
  • Student verification and document upload in VSAS to support away rotations.
  • Providing letters of good standing for current students.
  • Uploading transcripts and the MSPE to ERAS and MIDUS.
  • Verification of student status for the USMLE and NRMP.
  • Degree verification and document upload in FCVS.
  • Providing a copy of the MSPE with restrictions.
  • Providing a degree verification letter.
  • Completing degree verification forms.
  • Providing a certified diploma copy.
  • Completing state licensure forms.

Student consent is required before releasing information.

For more information, please contact Wendy Finch, registrar.

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  • Academic Calendars.
  • Student Policies.
  • FERPA.
  • UAccess:
    • Within this system, medical students can view their FERPA options, contact information, emergency contact information, campus health records, bursar and financial aid information and their schedule. They can also print their official transcripts.