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The BSPB at Night

Biomedical Sciences Partnership Building

Phoenix Biomedical Campus (PBC)
475 N. 5th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85004-2230
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Located just north of the Health Sciences Education Building, the Biomedical Sciences Partnership Building (BSPB) serves as a hub for health care science and research. Housing researchers with a myriad of backgrounds — such as flow cytometry, physics, materials science, electrical and mechanical engineering, chemistry, biology and nanotechnology — the building will allow for the discovery of innovative solutions to today’s most pressing health issues.

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Overhead Shot of the BSPB (Photo © of Todd Photographic)
The 10-story, 245,000-square-foot BSPB includes:
  • Two 80-seat seminar rooms.
  • Six floors of wet laboratory space.
  • Two floors of dry laboratory space.

And will serve as the headquarters of: