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2022 Year in Review
The University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix highlights some of our top stories from 2022


The application for the 2024 entering cohort is now available at
Prospective students for the 2024 cohort should apply no later than December 11, 2023.

Please contact us at @email with any questions about the application process and we would be glad to assist.

About the Program

The mission of the Pathway Scholars Program is to provide a holistic foundation for Arizona pre-med students to succeed in the rigors of medical school at the College of Medicine – Phoenix. Diversity in the physician workforce is the driving force of the program, recognizing that patient needs are best met when providers respect the wealth of values within our community and identify with patients' individuality. Moreover, this program exists to provide academic support, leadership development, and a dedicated community to historically underrepresented students in medicine.

This program is designed for students who have experienced unique or greater-than-average challenges in preparing to become competitive medical school applicants. Consideration will be given to Arizona residents that are:

  • Socioeconomically disadvantaged.
  • First-generation college attendees.
  • From rural Arizona.
  • Members of federally recognized American Indian tribes.
  • Committed to serving the underserved and diverse populations of Arizona.

Applications for the 2024 entering cohort will open on August 1, 2023. If you would like to receive information about upcoming Information Sessions for the Pathway Scholars Program, please contact the Pathway team or register for upcoming events by creating a profile here.

About the Curriculum

The purpose of this program is to prepare students for success in medical school. The program emphasizes academic support, and students work with a dedicated learning specialist to personalize a learning plan tailored to individual academic needs and strengths. The curriculum includes basic biomedical science, evidence-based medicine, clinical practicums in select healthcare settings, as well as professional development and socialization. Upon successful completion of the program, students will earn a Master of Medical Studies degree (MMS).

Support the Pathway Scholars Program

Support is needed to help provide disadvantaged students a future in medical school. Your gift will not only help students but also assist the college in building a pipeline of exceptional medical school candidates who reflect our community. To make a gift to the Pathway Scholars Program, contact the development office.