• Orthopaedic Residency – The mission of the Orthopaedic Residency program is to provide a professional and scholarly environment in which residents acquire the skills and the scientific foundation to become successful orthopaedic surgeons.


  • Hand, Upper Extremity and Microsurgery Fellowship – The Hand, Upper Extremity and Microsurgery Fellowship at the UA College of Medicine – Phoenix offers a 12-month program in the management of acute hand and upper extremity trauma, reconstructive upper extremity problems, congenital deformities and all aspects of microsurgery.
  • Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship – The Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship aims to inspire and empower fellows to become Sports Medicine Specialists who provide the highest quality of care to athletes of all ages who are participating in club, high school, college, professional and recreational sports.
  • Fellowship programs at the CORE Institute – Fellowships with The CORE Institute are for the highly qualified, dedicated and motivated candidate with academic or elite private practice aspirations.