The Internal Medicine clerkship utilizes a variety of clinical settings. These expose students to a broad array of patients, organized interactive learning experiences and directed readings that allow students to establish a solid foundation of medical knowledge and skills for their future career choices.

The Internal Medicine clerkship is an eight-week experience, encompassing two different inpatient settings. The clerkship is divided into two sub-blocks — each four weeks — to allow for an increase in the diversity of patients. This is due to the different hospital systems that range from private to public to community-based. While on the inpatient wards, students will be exposed to patients with acute and chronic illnesses and will have the opportunity to work as part of the primary team, coordinating care with a subspecialist and other interdisciplinary allied health professionals.

For students who are participating in the Rural Health Professions Program Certificate of Distinction, four weeks of their clerkship will be in a rural community.

The focus of this experience will be on developing an ample understanding of applied basic and clinical science. Syllabus (PDF).