Valley Research Partnership: A Research Collaboration and Training Program

Formerly the Research Development and Partnering Initiative

General Information


A research partnership among institutions has formed to catalyze and support collaborative research in the Phoenix metropolitan area. The first initiative is a Collaborative Research Program that develops cross-institutional research collaborations to enhance medical education, career development and extramural research funding.

Project Mechanisms

There are three funding mechanisms for the Collaborative Research Program
P1 – Collaborative Medical Student/Resident/Fellow Projects (up to $10,000 over one year).
P2 – Collaborative Projects ($80,000 over one or two years).
P3 – Collaborative Program Development Projects ($200,000, over one or two years).

VRP Eligibility

*Final eligibility is determined by each VRP Partner.

For more information, you may contact: Burt Feuerstein.

Past Event: September 2015 Collaborator Fair