Valley Research Partnership: A Research Collaboration and Training Program

Formerly the Research Development and Partnering Initiative

General Information


The Research Office administrates the Valley Research Partnership (VRP) Initiative that funds collaborative grants from participating institutions across the Phoenix area, including primarily the college and the various hospital systems. It provides an important funding stream for projects prior to seeking national funding both for trainees and for faculty investigators. It also provides an important mechanism for aspiring investigators to learn about proposal development and scientific review. 

Project Mechanisms

There are three funding mechanisms for the Collaborative Research Program
P1 – Collaborative Medical Student/Resident/Fellow Projects (up to $10,000 over one year).
P2 – Collaborative Projects ($80,000 over one or two years).
P3 – Collaborative Program Development Projects ($200,000, over one or two years).

VRP Eligibility

*Final eligibility is determined by each VRP Partner.

For more information, you may contact: Casey Sapio, 602-827-3630.

Past Event: September 2015 Collaborator Fair