Students play an active role in helping the medical education program provide them with the tools and resources they need to succeed. Completing evaluations and surveys allows curriculum directors, deans, staff, and program evaluators to continuously review strengths and help identify areas for improvement at the UA College of Medicine – Phoenix. There are a variety of ways in which feedback may be solicited, including:

  • End of block/course/clerkship evaluations, session and faculty evaluations, and more.
  • Focus groups, curricular workgroups, curricular committees and subcommittees, and task forces.
  • Year-end surveys, such as the AAMC Year 2 Questionnaire, AAMC Graduation Questionnaire, College of Medicine – Phoenix MS2 Questionnaire, the College of Medicine – Phoenix MS4 Questionnaire, Independent Student Analysis (ISA).
  • Medical Student Government representatives.
  • Focus groups with Learning Environment Office.
  • Focus groups with Academic and Student Affairs deans.
  • Virtual office hours.
  • One-on-One meetings and phone calls with individual deans.

Feedback is valued and we constantly work to incorporate suggestions into our efforts whenever possible. We are excited to share how the input makes a difference!

Did You Know?

Did you know that we have been able to open up three more study areas, the small conference room and two outdoor spaces for student use? We also added signs for study areas to make them more apparent. In addition, we opened up Case-Based Instruction small group rooms for additional space, if needed.

Did you know that there is a way to acknowledge exemplary behavior or report a concern? The Learning Environment Office (LEO) has a comment form available and will provide updates to your case, if you wish to be informed. All reports submitted to the LEO office are confidentially reviewed and discussed by the LEO working committee and interventions/action taken always protects student anonymity.   

Learn more about the LEO or use the QR Code below to confidentially submit a comment.

QR code for PRO

Did you know that prep materials, now referred to as “homework”, are posted as a separate session in One45 and homework materials/handouts are posted to these sessions? The Curriculum Committee has revised the curricular policy to include homework in the official count in hopes of reducing the burden on students. The Notice of Upcoming Active Learning, which provides a summary of the upcoming active learning and lists associated homework is posted in One45 at 7:00 a.m. on Fridays to assist with preparation for the upcoming week. In addition, the block director and/or block coordinator sends a weekly email with reminders and updates, including the Notice of Upcoming Active Learning.

Did you know you all that medical students completing rotations at Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix have access to extra call rooms, lockers, as well as 4,000 square feet of wellness space — lockers, gym, kitchen, yoga studio, quiet rooms, pumping room, TV's, work stations, etc. — in Tower 2, floors 12 C and D?

When completing your surgery rotation, students can take advantage of the student wellness and storage located between the trauma bay and the OR, which is less than a two-minute walk from either of these areas and are designated to be utilized only by students.

Did you know we focus on recruiting family physicians to make every student experience equally well rounded? In addition, student evaluations of preceptors are generally very positive. Rarely do we have a student report a negative or less interactive experience. Using the MyTIP app to get session feedback, every session also reminds preceptors that students are working to become more independent every session.

Did you know that the Career and Professional Advising team are working to provide you with more access to specialty-specific mentors? They have orchestrated a number of residency director panels, organized by specialty, to help students learn more about the residency application process. They also provide a curated list of specialty advisors in all specialty fields, so students can connect with individual mentors as they explore specialties and prepare for the residency application process.

Did you know that the College of Medicine – Phoenix compiles a comprehensive report of feedback received and action taken for students to review?