Equipment Unassisted Assisted Unassisted Assisted
Aria II (Sorter, laser RBV) $86.34/hour $140/hour N/A $230.30/hour
Canto II (Analyzer, laser RBV) $51.68/hour $111.37/hour $85.01/hour $183.20/hour
FlowJo $55/hour $100/hour $90.48/hour $164.50/hour
Guava (Analyzer, laser RB, HTS system) $24.65/hour $100/hour $40.55/hour $164.50/hour
Lyse Wash Machine $10/hour $85.27/hour $16.45/hour $140.27/hour
Attune Machine $81.91/hour $155.27/hour $134.74/hour $255.42/hour
Flow Cytometry Consultation N/A $75.27/hour N/A $123.82/hour
Flow Cytometry Training N/A $75.27/hour N/A $123.82/hour
Flow Cytometry Analysis N/A $75.27/hour N/A $123.82/hour


  • Please note the College is charging a fee for training on core equipment for internal and external users.