“My favorite thing about our program is the people. Without a doubt, my colleagues have been there for me and helped me through hard times personally and professionally (such as difficult patient cases or a hard patient loss). In addition to the amazing residents that are part of this program and whom I know I can count on, the faculty and administration are incredible. There are several faculty members that I know I can confide in and that I am always happy to see. This combination makes [this program] a unique place to be and a place that I enjoy coming to work at.” — S.K., MD, PGY3

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“The residency program is incredibly supportive of wellness. Leadership is intentional about creating a schedule that allows for residents to both immerse themselves in rotations and to have time to take care of ourselves. In doing so, I have the bandwidth to be fully present to learning on wards. The program creates a safe space to practice medicine and upholds the commitment to an encouraging learning environment.” — E.N., MD, PGY-2

“[The University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix IM Program] is able to offer balance between the competing aspects of being a resident, including: academic medicine, teaching and learning, variety of patients and specialty elective opportunities, and work-life balance. … The people of our program care, and it shows.” — T. B., MD, PGY-3