• OB/GYN Special Program Benefits
    Residents in the Banner Healing Garden
    Camaraderie Amongst Residents and Faculty:
    • You always know everyone has your back here, both fellow residents and faculty.
  • Five Week Elective Time (PGY3):
    • International, national or local.
    • Financial assistance available.
    • Unencumbered, call-free time to supplement educational areas of special interest.
  • Five Week Selective Time (PGY4):
    • Choose from many local options to supplement your education.
  • Early Exposure to Sub-specialties.
  • No Traditional Night-Float.
    • Interns do “NAPS,” a variation of night float in 15-hour shifts.
    • PGY2–4 take 24-hour call, averaged to 1 in 9.
  • Intern Learning Modules:
    • Unique study modules and tests.
    • Optional one-on-one study sessions by attending.
  • Integrative Medicine Option:
    • Modules lead to added certificate in Integrative Medicine education.
  • Day Float Rotation:
    • Sampling of what it’s like to be an attending.
  • Daily didactics rather than “teaching day.”

Financial Benefits

  • Four (4) weeks vacation.
  • Administrative time off for fellowship and job interviews, conference attendance and USMLE exam.
  • Self/family/partner health care at no cost to resident.
  • 401K with match.
  • Financial assistance for travel to conferences.
  • Financial assistance with USMLE, ABOG and Arizona license costs