Class of 2026


Brief Bio

Alexa Allen, MD
Alexa Allen, MD

Dr. Allen was born and raised in the Phoenix area. She went to the University of Arizona in Tucson for undergrad, where she studied Physiology and French before moving to Nevada for medical school at the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine. In her free time, she likes to hike, ride her horses, and spend time with her parents and 11 siblings. You can also find her and her husband enjoying the Arizona sunshine, hanging by the pool or hitting the lake while listening to country music.

Why OB/GYN: I didn't know that I wanted to be an OB/GYN when I started medical school, but after my OB/GYN rotation, I knew that I had found the perfect fit. I loved the fact that I could be doing surgery in the morning, seeing a patient in clinic that afternoon and then delivering a baby the very next day. I was also drawn to OB/GYN because of the patient population. I love that we get to work with women of all ages and share some of the most memorable and impactful moments of our patients' lives with them.
Why the College of Medicine – Phoenix: I completed an away rotation at the program as a fourth-year medical student and was drawn to the culture of support, camaraderie and excellence that is evident at the College of Medicine – Phoenix. I feel so grateful to be at a program that supports their residents and prioritizes their success and wellbeing both inside and outside of the hospital/clinic.

Neily Alonso, MD
Neily Alonso, MD

Dr. Alonso was born and raised in Miami, FL! She attended Florida International University for undergraduate and then made her way to Central Michigan University for medical school. In her free time, she likes to salsa dance, binge Netflix, be by the water, and FaceTime with family and friends.

Why OB/GYN: My initial interest in women's health came from my family's personal experience with breast/ovarian cancer. But it was not until third-year of medical school that I stepped foot onto L&D and was forever captivated by the energy there and the relationships we can form with our patients.
Why the College of Medicine – Phoenix: During my interview, I fell in love with the people and the culture. For me, it was one of the only programs that emphasized wellness, being human and radiated a sense of family. Add a little sunshine to that mix and I knew this was my perfect program.

Brittney Bruno, MD
Brittney Bruno, MD

Born and raised in Northern California, Dr. Bruno moved to Southern California for her undergraduate and became a UC Irvine Anteater. After graduation, she worked as a substitute teacher and special education aide before teaching 4th grade at a charter school in her hometown. Finally deciding medicine was the career path for her, she moved across the country, where she transformed into a Drexel University College of Medicine Dragon, obtaining both her MD and MPH. After graduation, she continued her career as a dragon and matched into Drexel Family Medicine in Philadelphia before deciding to become an OB/GYN! When possible, you can catch her in her free time enjoying food, fitness/challenges (ie. Tough Mudder), traveling, baking, dancing (Latin especially) or performing spoken word.

Why OB/GYN: While I deeply appreciated my life as a dragon, loved my family medicine program and the support of my faculty and peers, I could not ignore my call to become an OB/GYN.
Why the College of Medicine – Phoenix: I am thrilled to have matched with the College of Medicine – Phoenix OB/GYN program. Not only am I closer to family and friends, but I am also excited to be in a supportive, multidisciplinary environment that caters to a diverse population of women.

Marisa Delgado, MD
Marisa Delgado, MD

Dr. Delgado was raised in Georgia and graduated college from the University of Georgia in Athens as a Biological Sciences major and Studio Art minor. Seeking a change of scenery and wide open spaces, she moved to Tucson for medical school at the University of Arizona. She enjoys painting, yoga, camping, trying new foods and hanging with friends. Additionally, she is always looking forward to her next extended backpacking trip abroad.

Why OB/GYN: I love that the role of the OB/GYN is to offer support during the major and minute moments of an individual's reproductive life. I particularly appreciate the "hands-on" nature of the field and the artistry involved in both surgery and managing social nuances. I admire this specialty for positioning itself on the frontlines of many human rights issues and am excited to continue to personally contribute to these efforts, especially on behalf of the LGBTQ+ community.
Why the College of Medicine – Phoenix: This program's reputation preceded itself as an impressive training facility that excels in developing competent and capable physicians, while optimizing a healthy work life balance via a large network of support. There is an abundance of opportunity at this institution and an important focus on working with key patient populations. Every day it becomes more and more true that coming to the College of Medicine – Phoenix was the right move for my personal and professional development.

Ngoc- Anh Le, MD
Ngoc-Anh Le, MD

Dr. Le was born in Vietnam, but raised in Arizona. She went to ASU for undergrad, Midwestern for graduate school, then to Chicago Medical School. In her free time, she likes to hike, race and forage for mushrooms. She is a dog mom to a corgi named Jackson and a shih-tzu named Hershey.

Why OB/GYN: I love the special and life-long relationships that you get to form with your patients. Not only are you their physician, but you are also their confidant, ally and advocate
Why the College of Medicine – Phoenix: The people and culture here have certainly lived up to their reputation! In addition to the strong camaraderie and close mentorship at the College of Medicine – Phoenix, this program also offers excellent comprehensive clinical training within a very diverse patient population. It was a no-brainer to rank them as my #1 choice.

Sagar Modi, MD
Sagar Modi, MD

Dr. Modi grew up right outside of Birmingham, Alabama, did his undergrad in biomedical engineering at Mercer University in Georgia, and went back to medical school in Birmingham at UAB. He loves spending time with his fiancée exploring new hikes, cooking and connecting with old friends over online gaming.

Why OB/GYN: OB/GYN captivated me after my third-year medical school rotation. The variety of the field coupled with creating memorable and lifelong bonds with patients and their families through obstetrics and women's health care is unmatched in any other field.
Why the College of Medicine – Phoenix: I chose the College of Medicine – Phoenix after a wonderful interview with residents and faculty showing the friendly and caring environment in this institution and the adventure of moving to and living in Phoenix, where the sun always shines!

Brianna Ortiz, MD
Brianna Ortiz, MD

Dr. Pyun-Ortiz grew up in Cypress, CA, and completed her undergraduate degree at California State University of Long Beach. She then attended medical school at California University of Science and Medicine. Outside of work, she loves to cook new recipes, listen to true crime podcasts, and spend time outdoors with her husband and two dogs, Winston and Jett.

Why OB/GYN: I chose OBGYN because I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. The ability to be there for and with women throughout most of their pivotal life moments is such an amazing honor that I am so excited to be a part of.
Why the College of Medicine – Phoenix: When I came here for an away rotation, I was impressed by the camaraderie of the entire team. Everyone that I interacted with and worked with was so friendly and really encouraged an environment of learning.

Tatiahana Rivera-Rodriquez, MD
Tatiahna Rivera-Rodriguez, MD

Dr. Rivera-Rodriquez was born and raised in Caguas, Puerto Rico, and moved to Baltimore at the age of 18 to complete her undergrad at Johns Hopkins University. She stayed in Baltimore to complete a masters of science at the University of Maryland and work in clinical research at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Most recently, she was living in Chicago, where she completed her MD at Loyola University Chicago. She's always trying to find ways to "travel" on a budget, including watching foreign language films (literally anything with subtitles). Her favorite hobby is collecting plants and turning her apartment into a tropical jungle.

Why OB/GYN: I recognize how powerful my voice is as a physician, and I love that it’s further amplified as an OB/GYN. Advocacy is weaved into the very fabric of this specialty and as a Latina in medicine, to simply show up to work and be a part of such meaningful work means everything to me. From being able to take care of Spanish-speaking women on L&D in their mother tongue as they bring life into the world, to being a surgeon providing care to transgender men with gender affirming hysterectomies, there is no specialty that I find as vast or as rewarding.
Why the College of Medicine – Phoenix: After a decade in the tundras of Baltimore and CHIberia, IL, I was desperate for warmth. I 100 percent found it during the social when the residents couldn’t stop laughing and talking with one another (in the best and most loving way possible). After hearing nothing but phenomenal things about the faculty and different departments, there was no doubt this is where I would want to be.

Megan Sluga, MD
Megan Sluga, MD

Dr. Sluga was born in Walnut Creek, CA, but was raised in Phoenix, AZ, and considers Phoenix to be home. She attended the University of Arizona in Tucson, where she graduated with a degree in Physiology. Afterwards, she attended the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix, where she completed both her MD and MPH. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, kayaking, snowboarding, and spending time with her friends and family!

Why OB/GYN: There are so many reasons that I chose OB/GYN! What I love the most about this specialty, however, is the opportunity to empower women to take charge of their own sexual and reproductive health through both patient education and advocacy.
Why the College of Medicine – Phoenix: I had the opportunity to rotate at the College of Medicine – Phoenix as a medical student. The positive and supportive environment of the program was unmatched. I knew that I wanted to train in a program that felt like a family, and I am so excited to have found that at the College of Medicine – Phoenix!