Class of 2027


Brief Bio

Natasha Hilt, MD
Natasha Hilt, MD

Dr. Hilt was born and raised on the Navajo Reservation and completed her undergrad from Macalester College in 2008 with a BA in Anthropology. After spending 10 years in the Twin Cities doing museum education and community organizing, Natasha moved to Phoenix and flourished as both a night instructor at the Phoenix Zoo and children’s librarian at Burton Barr Library. Natasha’s passion for American Indian communities and social justice continued while at the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Tucson particularly in rural health. Natasha loves spending time with her husband and 4yo daughter along with their dog and cat. On my free time, you can find me watching forensic files and finding cute/funny cat videos.

Why OB/GYN: Growing up on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona, it became apparent at a young age of the immense health disparities and lack of Native physicians. Combined with my interest in women’s health and my family’s personal experiences with ovarian/breast cancer, I was drawn to the both the surgical and medicine aspects of OBGYN. I plan is to go back to the reservation and practice full spectrum OBGYN.
Why the College of Medicine – Phoenix: I am a wildcat for life, I love that I can continue my medical education at the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix, but I will always miss my Tucson community. I was drawn to the openness and compassion of the residents, staff, and faculty and know that I am thrive with such great mentors. 

Natalhy Hinojosa, MD
Natalhy Hinojosa, MD

Dr. Hinojosa was born and raised in Southern California. She went to undergraduate at Cal Poly Pomona and attended Michigan State University for medical school. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, hiking, watching movies and spending time with her family and friends.

Why OB/GYN: It was the only specialty I was excited to wake up early for and return the next day. I loved the patient population and the wide variety I was able to do in a week. Most importantly this is a specialty where you work with women of all ages and can advocate for them every day. I believe OBGYN is the best specialty.
Why the College of Medicine – Phoenix: I loved the resident social and my interview at UACOM-P. The residents and faculty were friendly, approachable, and supportive. My heart told me that I had found the right program and knew that this would be my number one. Even though I am from California, I have many family members in Phoenix, and I am excited to be reunited with them after spending four years in Michigan. 

Ismael Jones, MD
Ismael Jones, MD

Dr. Jones is an Arizona native! He was born in Mesa and grew up in the Phoenix area. He completed his undergraduate degree in Physiology and Creative Writing at the University of Arizona in Tucson and decided to stay to complete his medical degree. His professional interests include high-risk obstetrics as well as diversity, equity, and inclusion in medicine. In his free time, he enjoys printing film in the darkroom, cooking, watching horror movies, swimming, and spending time with his partner, family, and friends.

Why OB/GYN: There are so many reasons that I love OB/GYN! I am enthusiastic to be a part of a specialty that not only allows me the opportunity to empower women but also offers me a wide scope of practice that includes being a skilled surgeon, an astute clinician and champion of women’s health. Growing up in a multi-racial household of both Mexican and African American descent, I was exposed at an early age to the health disparities that disproportionately affected the women in my family. Learning about and experiencing these stark health inequities has guided my commitment to the specialty. I feel to empower and care for women, especially women of color, is to support our marginalized families and in that I continue to strive forward.
Why the College of Medicine – Phoenix: After rotating on labor in delivery during my fourth year of medical school, I was convinced the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix was going to where I would do my residency. UACOM-Phoenix had everything I was looking for in a residency: a diverse patient population, a strong sense of companionship shared amongst residents, an academic environment with opportunities in high-risk obstetrics and most importantly a location that is in the same city where my family and close friends live. Outside of all these wonderful things, I was just blown away by the support and kindness displayed by residents, faculty, and staff! 

Elizabeth Mangone, MDElizabeth "Lizzie" Mangone, MD

Dr. Mangone was raised in Phoenix, AZ and completed her undergraduate degree at Boston College. She then worked as a healthcare consultant in Boston and San Francisco before returning home to attend the U of A College of Medicine - Phoenix medical school. She enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and being outdoors. You can also find her going for long walks to coffee with her husband and mini goldendoodle, Watson. 

Why OB/GYN: I really valued the connections I was able to make with patients on my OB/GYN rotations and the variety the specialty provides. I also love that we can care for women throughout their lives and educate patients on preventative health. 
Why the College of Medicine – Phoenix: After spending 6 years in Boston, I vowed to never live in cold weather again. Thankfully, during medical school, I was lucky enough to rotate at this program twice and absolutely loved it! I had the most positive experiences with residents, patients, and attendings. It was clear the residents cared for each other and enjoyed coming to work every day. I wanted to be part of that community and I'm so excited to be here! 

Mary Nowlen, MD
Mary Nowlen, MD

Dr. Nowlen grew up in Central Phoenix and went to the the University of Arizona for undergrad. She attended the Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine in Michigan and is so excited to have returned home for residency. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, creating ceramics, and is a proud plant mom. 

Why OB/GYN: I chose OB/GYN because it is what I felt most passionate about and where I felt like I connected with my patients the most. I am excited to become an advocate for women both by fighting for their rights and empowering them through education and support. I see myself and my loved ones in my patients and I am excited to work with them toward their goals. 
Why the College of Medicine – Phoenix: I am so excited to be joining the the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix program because of the welcoming community of residents and faculty and all the training opportunities. I am especially interested in Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology, Sexual Health, and improving my conversational and medical Spanish, and the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix has rotations or programs for all of these! We also have the opportunity to work with medical students, which is something I am excited about and want to continue to do in my future career. 

Serena Nuwar, MD
Serena Nuwar, MD

Dr. Nuwar is a born-and-raised Arizona native who went to ASU for undergrad and the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix for med school. Her professional interests include medical education, racial disparities in maternal health, and research. Outside of work, she enjoys hiking, climbing, pilates, yoga, ukulele, piano, bar trivia, baking cheesecakes, reading trashy romance, and spending time with her husband Alex and lab/shepherd mix Ginger - not necessarily in that order. 

Why OB/GYN: This was the last specialty I expected to find myself in and now I can't imagine myself doing anything else. Growing up in Arizona’s public schools without comprehensive reproductive health education has always been a huge motivator, but as a former teacher, the main reason that drew me to OB/GYN is the plethora of creative, hands-on educational opportunities it inherently provides. There's a great mix of surgery and medicine, healthy patients and sick patients, primary care and high acuity emergencies, and interesting pathologies with so much room for more research in the field. The continuity of care with high highs and low lows of this field makes for really special patient relationships that you can't quite find anywhere else.
Why the College of Medicine – Phoenix: During interview season, the level of energy at the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix's social was unmatched. The collaborative and positive culture here is what keeps med students staying for residency and residents staying as faculty. The large Hispanic and Native American patient populations, 300 days of sunshine, mix of community and academic resources, free mental health counseling for all residents, and non-traditional night shift schedule also make this program one-of-a-kind.

Sahar Rehman, MD
Sahar Rehman, MD

Dr. Rehman was born and raised in Dayton, OH. She went to Youngstown State University for undergrad where she studied Biology and Chemistry. She stayed at YSU for her MBA prior to starting medical school at Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED). In her free time, she is invested in taking a video one second a day every day to document her year and has done so for multiple years now. She also enjoys listening to true crime podcasts, reading psychological thrillers, binging Korean dramas or mindless reality TV shows on Netflix.

Why OB/GYN: My passion for OBGYN stems from the understanding that in my community as a Pakistani Muslim woman, there can be an unstated cultural stigma surrounding the discussion of women’s health and reproductive health. In order to break the years of implemented cultural taboo, I want to become a resource for my community as well as for any individual that has had to encounter the hurdles of cultural/societal stigma in wanting to care for their own health. This field gives me the opportunity to educate and be educated every day in a field with some of the most vulnerable populations.
Why the College of Medicine – Phoenix: I knew that I wanted to be in a program that balances compassion, wellness, kindness and education – this program does exactly that. I knew UACOMP was the program for me when I saw how warm and comfortable everyone was with one another!! Also, Ohio doesn’t see the sun and I am heavily Vitamin D deficient.

Karrol Shaw, DO
Karrol Shaw, DO

Dr. Shaw was born and raised just down the street from UACOM-P in the downtown Phoenix area. She received her undergraduate and master’s degrees in Nutritional Sciences at the University of Arizona and Arizona State University before attending medical school at Rocky Vista University in Colorado. Outside of work, she likes to read, hike, snowboard, and listen to true crime podcasts! 

Why OB/GYN: As an OB/GYN, we have the privilege of developing an intimate relationship with our patients and sharing some of the most beautiful moments in their lives. As someone who enjoys variety in my day, I love that I can be seeing patients in clinic, in the OR for surgery, or running to L&D to deliver a baby all in the same day! Our specialty really has it all.
Why the College of Medicine – Phoenix: After spending a month rotating here as a medical student, I knew I had found my home. I wanted to go to a residency program that would foster my growth into a skilled surgeon, a competent clinician, and make me excited to come into work every day. I know it will do exactly that and I couldn’t imagine training anywhere else!

Catherine Wood, DO
Catherine "Cat" Wood, DO

Dr. Wood moved several times growing up, however, she spent most of her childhood in Colorado and Michigan. She studied Chemical and Biological engineering at the University of Colorado - Boulder and stayed in Denver to work in pharmaceuticals for two years after college. As one of four siblings, she decided to attend medical school in Arizona to be closer to her sister. She loves getting up to mischief with her two nephews, exploring new restaurants with her husband, Jackson, and snuggling her basset-hound mix, Doug.

Why OB/GYN: The very first delivery I attended, I had rushed to the hospital, afraid I would miss it, and ended up spending the entire day with the patient's family. By the time the baby was delivered, I was part of the family. Nothing compares to the close, long-term relationships with patients, the excitement, and the day to day variety in OB/GYN!
Why the College of Medicine – Phoenix: During my sub-internship rotation, I couldn't believe how comfortable I felt from the very first day. After spending time with the residents, I knew by coming here I would be surrounded by people that would not only support me but also constantly push me to be better. I looked forward to coming in every day and just knew I found my people!