Quality Improvement (QI) education is integrated throughout the three years to lay a foundation and then apply what is learned through reflection on specific cases, work with interdisciplinary teams to design and implement improvements and to disseminate what is learned through presentations and publication.

Quality Improvement/Patient Safety

  • Monthly Patient Safety Conference at both sites.
  • Intern Ambulatory QI curriculum – Intro to QI with IHI Open School modules, group PDSA cycle.
  • Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix Annual Housestaff High Value Idea Competition and Housestaff Quality and Safety Day.
  • “BETTER” curriculum/weeks – 20 curricular days over the PGY2 and -3 years focused on.
    • Reinforcing and applying QI and patient safety principles.
    • Mentored individual project presented at local, regional or national meeting.
    • Career development – Risk management, advanced communication skills, medico-legal, transition to practice.
    • Wellness/Humanities/Service – Community service projects, social events, reflection.
  • Patient Safety Consults during VA Consult service.
  • ACP High Value Care curriculum integrated into current didactics.