Class of 2024


Brief Bio

Robert Bockstruck
Tayler Bockstruck, MD

Undergraduate: University of Wisconsin – Madison
Medical School: University of Minnesota Medical School
Career Interests: Med-Peds primary care and addiction medicine, with a focus on underserved adolescents and those involved with the criminal justice system
Personal Interests: I love spending my free time outdoors hiking, camping, biking and kayaking (yes, there are lakes and rivers in AZ!).
Why UArizona College of Medicine – Phoenix: I chose the College of Medicine – Phoenix because of the strong sense of community I felt on my interview day. I also felt like there was both a strong pediatric and medicine component to the training and truly enjoyed all of my interviews with the faculty here. On top of that, I was excited by the opportunity to move to AZ to be close to mountains for after work hikes and adventures!

Bethany Boczar
Bethany Boczar, MD

Undergraduate: University of Arizona
Medical School: University of Arizona College of Medicine – Tucson
Career Interests: Right now, I would like to pursue both inpatient and outpatient medicine with an even mixture of children and adults vs. adult congenital heart disease. Time will ultimately tell!

Carson Morley
Carson Morley, MD

Undergraduate: University of Utah
Medical School: University of Utah
Career Interests: Intensive care, palliative care
Personal Interests: Hiking, kayaking, skiing, AZ day trips — Sedona, Tucson, Jerome and, of course, the Grand Canyon are some of my favorites — board games, good food and drinks, and spending time with my amazing co-residents!
Why UArizona College of Medicine – Phoenix: I am originally from Utah, and I love the Southwest. Having grown up with family in the Phoenix area, I always loved spending time enjoying all that Arizona has to offer. I love national parks, hiking and being outdoors, so finding a residency with those opportunities was very important to me. The College of Medicine – Phoenix has provided me with a lot of opportunities to continue exploring these interests during my free time. Phoenix itself has a lot of activities, and we are merely a few hours drive from multiple national parks, mountains, skiing and even the ocean! Not to mention having an international airport 10 minutes from the hospital is super convenient. Our leadership and faculty are amazing, but I especially love all of my co-residents. I could feel the collegiality between the residents on my interview day and now being a part of the program myself I can attest to it personally!

Andrea Polito
Andrea Polito, MD

Undergraduate: Loyola University Chicago
Medical School: Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine
Career Interests: Academic medicine, hospitalist medicine, primary care

Miriam Robin
Miriam Robin, MD

Undergraduate: Florida State University
Medical School: University of Maryland School of Medicine
Career Interests: Dual med-peds hospitalist, LGBTQIA care, bioethics
Personal Interests: Rock climbing, hiking, adventuring, snacking, and social justice
Why UArizona College of Medicine – Phoenix: I feel supported, heard and respected! The Med-Peds program shares my interests inside and outside of the hospital. Dr. Huddleston helped tailor the program to my unique career goals. The residents here are happy! On top of that, Phoenix is a big city that offers something for everyone whether you want to spend your time hiking every mountain, drinking bubble tea in nearby Mesa, grabbing a beer at a female-owned brewery or catching live music at First Fridays. Never seen a Saguaro cactus up close? You're missing out!