Med-Peds Faculty Gathered Together

As program leaders, our mission is to provide our residents with the educational resources, clinical experience, support and mentorship they need to be their best, regardless of where the diverse practice opportunities within the scope of Med-Peds training takes them. We understand that training in Med-Peds can be the basis for a career in primary care; a pathway in preparation for an adult, pediatric or combined subspecialty fellowship; or an opportunity to develop programs that meet the needs of a special patient population.

Our program has a large Med-Peds faculty, dedicated Med-Peds chiefs and great resident colleagues. Our residents receive exceptional training in a uniquely supportive and collegial environment that stresses educational innovation, personal wellness and a commitment to excellence. We emphasize leadership development, well-being and personal effectiveness, in the context of our diverse, close-knit resident community. We want our graduates to be role models of self-care and wellness as they promote the well-being of the patients they serve.

The importance of physician well-being in residency education is exemplified by our competitive salary structure and benefits, resident camaraderie, faculty mentorship and a commitment to remain engaged in service opportunities. Workload control, the float system, and resident involvement in the improvement plans of the program demonstrate our sense of community and respect for residents as our colleagues.

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