In the past couple years, we have made significant strides to improve our simulation curriculum. Currently, our interns have an entire month dedicated to simulation. During that month, they have access to knot tying boards, suturing activities, laparoscopic skills trainers, an endoscopy simulator and a robotic simulator. The residents have 24-hour access to the simulation center and can work on any of the above skills at any time. In addition, our second-, third- and fourth-year residents will participate in a pig lab, which will involve advanced laparoscopic procedures, as well as trauma simulations.

Fundamentals of Laparoscopy

Starting in their intern year, residents become exposed to the tasks and online didactic content for the Fundamentals of Laparoscopy exam. During the intern simulation month, the residents will work one-on-one with an attending to review each of these tasks and will be afforded plenty of time to practice. Our residents complete the Fundamentals of Laparoscopy exam in their third year of residency. We are a testing site for the FLS exam, which allows for significant flexibility in testing our residents.

Fundamentals of Endoscopy

Using the American Board of Surgery Fundamentals of Endoscopy Curriculum as a guide, we have created a longitudinal endoscopy curriculum for our residents. This involves ongoing simulation, online didactic content and routine evaluation using the GAGES assessment tools. Our residents will complete the Fundamentals of Endoscopy exam in their fourth year. We are delighted to announce that we have become an active testing site for the FES exam.


This year, we were excited to launch our formalized robotics curriculum. The curriculum is a progression through training that starts with online training modules and simulation and progresses the resident to operating on the surgeon console. At the completion of training, the residents will receive a certificate from Intuitive, stating that they are robotics trained, as well as a letter from our Graduate Medical Education office reflecting their robotics experience.