Service Listings Request Forms

  • Video Recording/Editing – All virtual events will be recorded and provided to the coordinator after the event. Event Services will take care of the minor edits; however, any additional edits will have to be requested using this form and additional fees may apply.
  • Virtual Event/Webinar – Looking to host a virtual event or webinar? Please fill out this form with as much detail as possible. Once submitted the Event Services team will review and reach out if we have any questions or concerns regarding your event.
  • Event Services – This is a generic form that you can use to request event services, not sure where to begin? Please use this form, once submitted a member of the Event Services team will reach out to schedule an appointment.
  • Social Media – Would you like to have a social media presence at your next event? Virtually or in-person, please fill out this request form and a member of the Marketing team will reach out to schedule a time to meet and discuss your needs.
  • Press Release – Do you need a story or press release to promote your event? Here's where you can contact the Marketing team.
  • Branding and Design – Need assistance with your MailChimp invitation? Are you using the correct branding in your messaging? Please use this form and a member of the Marketing team will follow up.
  • Event Listing on Website – If you would like your event added to the college's website or intranet, please use this form and a member of the Marketing team will reach out.
  • Table and Room Set Up – Need tables and chairs for your room set up? Here's where you can put in your request.
  • Marketing Items – Need one of the college's popup banners, block As or tents for your next event? How about rack cards or presentation folders? Connect with the Marketing team to discover your options.
  • Promotional Item Request (Swag) – Do you need to give away some promotional items? Here's where you would make your request.

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