Board Preparation

  • In-training Exams – Annual exams proctored by both the Internal Medicine and Pediatrics Department. Residents meet with faculty mentors after scores are obtained to evaluate exams and create learning plans to address any deficiencies.
  • MKSAP – All residents are provided with MKSAP software and are expected to complete rotation specific sections during elective and ambulatory months.
  • Internal Medicine Board Review Course – Fourth-year residents are provided coverage of their clinical responsibilities to attend a six-day board review course at no expense to them.
  • PREP – PREP is an online Pediatric board review question bank that is provided to all residents through the American Academy of Pediatrics.
  • Pediatric Board-Review Course – Fourth-year residents may utilize their academic funds to attend a Pediatric Board Review Course in their final year of training. Our program also has materials and videotapes of the UCLA Board Review Course that our residents have access to.
  • Pediatrics Maintenance of Certification – Each month our program has a specific focus topic in all of our conferences, assigned readings and board preparation online exam assignments.
  • Pediatric MedStudy – Our residents are provided with the Pediatric MedStudy resources to use as a study guide to expand their medical knowledge in pediatrics, as well as prepare for the Pediatric Board Examination.