• The Department of Internal Medicine Education and Mentoring Committee is comprised of college faculty across various clinical institutions.
  • The department offers Faculty Development sessions that are dynamic, interactive and adaptable for various settings — from division meetings to mini-courses.
    Some topics include:
    • Giving and receiving feedback.
    • Teaching on the fly.
    • Assessment and evaluation.
    • Teaching clinical reasoning.
    • Career development.
    • Patient safety and quality improvement mentorship.
    • Strategies for physician wellness.
  • Dr. Emily Mallin and Dr. Ruth Franks Snedecor
    Drs. Mallin and Franks Snedecor
    Education and Mentorship in Patient Safety and Quality Improvement: A Faculty Learning Community – 
    Created by Dr. Emily Mallin and Dr. Ruth Franks Snedecor, this faculty development course helps faculty achieve curricular, professional and personal goals for multi-specialty UA College of Medicine – Phoenix faculty committed to quality improvement and patient safety education.
    • Learning Objectives:
      • Participants will gain knowledge and skills in the field of patient safety and quality improvement (PSQI) education.
      • Participants will acquire tangible skills in QI curriculum development.
      • Participants will advance professional goals in PSQI work and scholarship through project development, peer mentorship and guidance from program faculty.
      • Participants will gain confidence in mentoring housestaff QI projects.