The following information will assist to distinguish between a special event and a meeting and whether campus Events Services should be engaged in the planning efforts.

If an event involves one or more of the following, it is considered a special event. The Event Services team must be used to handle the arrangements. Submission of a Special Event Request Form through Astra is required. Event fees will be assessed accordingly:

  • Events outside of normal business hours (Monday–Friday, 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.).
  • Events held on Saturday (Sunday events are not supported).
  • Events scheduled in the Virginia G. Piper Auditorium (Building Two).
  • Events with 40 or more attendees.
  • Meetings that are longer than four hours.
  • Multi-day and/or multi-room events.
  • Events requiring audiovisual and/or other equipment/furniture.
  • Events that provide food.
  • Events that require door overrides and/or security.
  • Events where alcohol will be served.
  • Events requiring University controlled parking (i.e. lot attendant).
  • Events which, based on an assessment by campus security and/or the Campus Management and Operations office, are deemed to have unique safety concerns that would require event staff presence.

Event Services may not need to be involved if you are hosting a small meeting (under 40) during normal business hours. For smaller meetings (under 40) without food and no resource *requirements, a "Meeting Only" request through Astra Schedule should be submitted. For smaller meetings (under 40) where food is present and there are no other resource *requirements, a "Meeting with Food" form should be submitted. This form with automatically schedule custodial resources.

All events, regardless of size must reserve space through the Astra Schedule.

Non-University Events

All non-university events must be coordinated through Event Services. This includes UA-sponsored events.

*Resource requirements are defined as any of the following:

  • Security/door override.
  • Custodial.
  • A/V support.
  • Parking.
  • Requests for furniture positioning.

The Disabled/PBC Lot accommodates seven handicap spaces, two reserved UA and NAU President spaces, one 20-minute delivery spaces, one UA service space and 10 guest spaces. The 10 guest spaces can be reserved, as available, for VIPs/dignitaries at the normal parking rates of $3 per hour/$15 per day.

  1. Reservations for the desired number of spaces must be made by a UA employee through UA Parking and Transportation Services.
  2. Once the reservation has been made, the UA employee will be sent a PDF parking permit.
  3. The parking permit will be forwarded to the individual requesting the reservation for forwarding back to Parking and Transportation.
  4. UA Parking and Transportation Services will request that UA College of Medicine – Phoenix Security cone off the number of reserved spaces as requested.
  5. If desired, a UA employee can provide security with printed signs that include the individuals’ names to be taped to the cones for quick identification.
  6. The UA employee will make arrangements to cover the parking fee or have it invoiced to the requesting entity.

The UArizona College of Medicine – Phoenix is pleased to promote events on its website that have a relevance to the University or that are a means to support or promote University efforts. When completing the event request form in Astra Schedule, please indicate whether or not you wish the event to be posted. If posting is requested, please provide a description of the event and a thumbnail image that can be used for the posting.

For other events not scheduled through Astra Schedule, requests should be sent directly to Tom Kelly, Web Editor, along with a brief description of the event and an image that can be used for the thumbnail. Tom will review the content, and if appropriate, will post the information according to established protocol.

All UA events that incur usage fees will be invoiced following the event. For groups signing a Facilities Use Agreement (PDF), the amount of the invoice should be the same as the amount entered in the agreement. In all cases, the amount will be confirmed with an Outlook appointment at the time the reservation was made.

External groups will be emailed an invoice from the UA College of Medicine – Phoenix Finance Department upon receipt of an approved Facilities Use Agreement (PDF). An internal billing transaction will be processed for UArizona Groups. Any disputes should be discussed with Event Services, who will work with finance to investigate and rectify the issue.