Organizational Chart (PDF) - 9/6/2018

Administrative Office Location Contact
Academic Affairs BSPB 10th Floor 602-827-2039
Admissions and Recruitment BSPB 10th Floor 602-827-2005
Advising HSEB, 5th Floor, C Wing 602-827-2705
Arizona Emergency Medicine Bldg 4  
Arizona Center on Aging Tucson 520-626-5800
Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine Phoenix 602-470-5577
Arizona Emergency Medicine Research Center Tucson 520-626-6312
Basic Medical Sciences ABC-1-3 602-827-2102
Business Administration and Finance Office BSPB 10th Floor 602-827-2404
Campus Management and Operations Bldg 1, Room 1182 602-827-2301
Campus Services Bldg 1, Room 1182 602-827-2372
Cancer Center – Phoenix 625 N. 6th St.
Phoenix, AZ 85004
Center for Applied NanoBioscience and Medicine BSPB 5th Floor 602-827-2727
Center for Simulation and Innovation HSEB 4th Floor, Room B405 602-827-2629
Center for Toxicology and Pharmacology Education and Research

Department of Medical Toxicology

Curricular Affairs BSPB 10th Floor 602-827-2016
Dean's Office BSPB 10th Floor 602-827-2066
Development Office BSPB 9th Floor 602-827-2088
Doctoring Program HSEB 3rd Floor, Room B345 602-827-4100
Faculty Affairs BSPB 10th Floor 602-827-2078
Faculty Development BSPB 10th Floor 602-827-2032
Financial Aid Office HSEB 5th Floor 602-827-2005
Flow Cytometry Core BSPB 5th Floor 602-827-2251
Global Health HSEB 5th Floor, B538 602-827-2083
Graduate Medical Education   602-839-5995
Human Resources Building 3 602-827-2600
Information Technology Services Bldg 3, Room 3154
Interprofessional Education HSEB 5th Floor, B512A 602-827-2431
Library HSEB, Room A300 602-827-2062
Marketing and Communications BSPB 10th Floor 602-827-2585
Media Production Bldg 3, Room 3165 602-827-2043
Office of Diversity and Inclusion BSPB 10th Floor 602-827-2621
Pathway Scholars Program HSEB, 5th Floor, B Wing 602-827-2388
Professional Resource Office   602-549-9847
Registrar's Office HSEB 5th Floor 602-827-2208
Research Office BSPB 9th Floor 602-827-2102
Rural Health HSEB 5th Floor, B512G 602-827-2398
Security Across campus 602-827-2368
Selectives and Electives HSEB 5th Floor, Room B551 602-827-6123
Service Learning HSEB 5th Floor, B512G 602-827-2398
Student Affairs HSEB 5th Floor, Room C536 602-827-2365
UA Bookstore HSEB 5th Floor, Room A503 602-827-2763
Valley Fever Center of Excellence Tucson 520-626-6517