There are several committees residents can be involved in both within Graduate Medical Education and the Phoenix Integrated Surgical Residency to help shape policies and the educational experience.

Graduate Medical Education:

  • Graduate Medical Education Committee.
  • GME House Staff Council.
  • Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Subcommittee.
  • Special Review Subcommittee.
  • Physician Wellness Subcommittee.
  • Diversity Subcommittee.

Phoenix Integrated Surgical Residency:

  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.
  • Education/Curriculum.
  • Professional Development.
  • Research.
  • Social Media and Outreach.
  • Social Planning and Recruitment.
  • Surgical Simulation.
  • Website Development.
  • Wellness.

Leadership Development

For surgeons, professional development is as important as building a foundation of knowledge and technical skills. Membership in local, regional and national organizations allows you to meet surgeons and build a network of colleagues and mentors, collaborate on research, and stay current in medical education. Leadership programs provide you with a structure to mature as a leader in your local and national community. Below are a few places to find opportunities to get involved.