The ombudsman system was created as a way for each class of residents to choose a faculty mentor to grow with over the course of residency. This is one of the formal mechanisms we have in place to foster mentorship within the program. Residents typically meet as a group with their faculty ombudsman at least three to four times a year outside of work, usually over dinner to discuss what is going well, any areas of concerns, life/career goals and more.

Current Ombudsman

  • Class of 2022 – Dr. Ara Feinstein.
  • Class of 2023 – Dr. Natasha Keric.
  • Class of 2024 – Dr. Vas Sabeeh.
  • Class of 2025 – Dr. Patrick Bosarge.
  • Class of 2026 – TBD.

Hall of Fame

  • Class of 2018 – Dr. Ara Feinstein.
  • Class of 2019 – Dr. Mira Milas.
  • Class of 2020 – Dr. Jennifer Preston.
  • Class of 2021 – Dr. Natasha Keric.