Campus Management and Operations are the folks who keep the faucets running, the grass green and the carpets clean! Although many of our services are contracted, we do have some of our own resources on campus. In addition, we work closely with Tucson facilities management in a number of areas. At the College of Medicine – Phoenix, Campus Management and Operations also handles other campus service activities, such as security, emergency planning, trip reduction and motor pool.

Campus Management and Operations provides numerous services on campus, including the following:

  • Motor Pool: university staff can reserve a UA Car for business trips.  
  • General maintenance, repairs, moving services (*May be a charge): 
  • Keys – We can issue or replace keys. We can install new locks or re-key existing hardware (*May be a cost).
  • Electronic Access – Issue or replace access cards, adjust access privileges, change/create access levels — Enter a Work Order. (login required)
  • Sustainability programs.
  • Custodial requests.
  • Risk management.