Core Facilities and Shared Instrumentation

The UA College of Medicine – Phoenix offers the following core services. Please contact our Research Office or the specified core director for further information on the services, expertise, training and fees.

Biomedical Imaging Core

The Biomedical Imaging Core (BIC) provides cutting-edge imaging and data analysis tools to allow innovative investigative research. The Core offers training, consultation and access to the Olympus Multiphoton FV MPE RS Apollo System, Zeiss LSM 710 Confocal and Zeiss AXIO M2 Imager Epifluorescent microscopes.

Flow Cytometry Core

The Flow Cytometry Core at the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix provides expert analysis on state-of-the-art technology in flow cytometry, multiparameter cell sorting and analysis to investigators at the college, clinical laboratories and biotechnology companies.

Molecular Discovery Core

The Molecular Discovery Core is a distributed core that is intended to provide the Phoenix Biomedical Campus research community with several instruments geared toward the analysis of biomolecules.

This core supports a wide variety of research activities that depend on the detection and analysis of proteins, nucleic acids, compounds, bioactive molecules, and biomolecular interactions.

Biostatistics and Study Design Services

Biostatistics applies statistical reasoning and methods to biomedical and public health research. Our support is vital at every stage of a research project, from study design to publication.

Rodent Behavioral Facility

The College of Medicine – Phoenix Research Office maintains a collection of equipment that provides investigators access to state-of-the-arts instrumentation and monitoring for rodent behavioral studies relevant to translational studies of neurological, neurodevelopmental and psychiatric disorders.

Biological Irradiator and Imager

The Biological Irradiator and Imager Shared Equipment resource provides access to x-ray irradiation and x-ray and luminescence imaging on the Phoenix Biomedical Campus near 7th Street and Van Buren Street. This resource is sponsored by the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix and the University of Arizona Cancer Center.

Nanotechnology Services

  • Nanofabrication – The nanofabrication facility occupies 900 sqft with a 750 sqft Class 1000 cleanroom.
  • Plastic Fabrication – Services to address your prototyping needs for the development of integrated assay platforms using Lab on Chip (LOC’s) or multi-layer thermoplastic laminates.
  • Bioassay Development/Molecular Techniques – Expertise in performing molecular laboratory services that comprise bioassay chemistries development and validation but also analytical tests with the scope of nucleic acids and proteins.
  • Instrumentation/Software Development – Prototyping services ranging from circuit design, boards prototyping, electronic assembly and full instrumentation development within compliant industry quality standards.

University Core Services

The University of Arizona maintains a number of research cores for use by faculty, students, and scientists in government and industry. The core facilities provides users with access not only to the latest instrumentation, but also to experienced staff with expertise in designing and conducting experiments and analyzing data.