In an effort to ensure appropriate materials are disseminated on campus, please review these guidelines for hanging flyers/posters/announcements. 

Laminated flyers are permitted in the following campus locations using the available poster rails:


  • All five (5) elevators (four in the main lobby and one in the library)
  • Above the drinking fountain on each floor
  • In the 1st floor student lounge
  • In the 1st floor café

Building(s) 1,2,3 and ABC 1

  • Above the drinking fountain on each floor
  • In the elevator


  • All four (4) elevators
  • Above the drinking fountain on each floor (rails to be installed)

Please become Familiar with the Following Policies

  1. Only hang materials two weeks before the scheduled event – this is to help manage the overflow of information being posted.
  2. Ensure that materials are appropriate (language, content, images, etc.) – no personal ads or events (must be associated with a program on campus).
  3. Ensure that materials are laminated.
  4. Ensure that materials are taken down at all locations you place them in a timely manner (i.e. when your “event” is done).
  5. Ensure that you are respectful of others that have already posted materials (i.e. you aren’t overcrowding space, covering others materials, etc.). You should never cover up campus safety and security flyers.
  6. Only use the poster rails provided in any of these locations or around the campus. If they are hung with tape on windows, doors, walls, pillars, (inside or outside) etc., they will be removed.

Another good option is to consider posting your events to the Campus Calendar. This will help alleviate multiple events happening on the same day. Contact Tom Kelly to have him add your event to the college's website.

​Planning and Operations staff, campus leadership and designated unit ambassadors reserve the right to revise this policy at any time and remove materials that do not follow the policies listed above or that are posted in locations throughout campus other than the approved areas. For those programs that have a pre-approval process, please continue to follow those guidelines.

We look forward to seeing your information, flyers and brochures around campus as we know they are very important ways to reach the campus community.  If you have ideas on how to improve this process, please let me know.

Planning and Operations
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