Academic Dismissal

It is the policy of the University of Arizona College of Medicine - Phoenix (COM - P) that a student who meets any of the following conditions be academically dismissed from the Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree program.  A student who is subject to academic dismissal will be notified of this by the relevant curricular dean, who will simultaneously notify the dean, student affairs/or designee and the Student Progress Committee (SPC). The student may request a meeting with the SPC via a written request to the chair, to discuss the dismissal, within five business days.  

  • The student fails the same course* twice.  Failure of remediation is considered a second failure in the same course*.
  • The student fails three different courses*.
  • The student has not passed the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) Step 1 or Step 2 CK according to the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) Timing and Failure Policy.
  • The student has not completed all the requirements for the MD degree program within six years from the date of matriculation. 
    • Leave(s) of absence for any reason are included and count toward the maximum time of six years. 
    • The student must take no more than three years from the date of matriculation to the end of the Transition to Clerkships Block to satisfactorily complete Years 1 and 2. 
    • The student may take no more than three years after beginning any required Year 3 clerkship to satisfactorily complete Years 3 and 4. 
    • A student in the MD/PhD dual degree program must complete the MD program requirements within ten-years from matriculation into the MD program. 
  • In accordance with the Student Progress Committee Procedures and Process for Dismissal Policy, the SPC may recommend the vice dean, undergraduate medical education/or designee, dismiss a student for failure to progress satisfactorily through the curriculum, failure to meet academic or programmatic requirements, failure to satisfy the professionalism requirements of the program, or failure to adhere to the applicable grading and progression policies.

Removal from Academic Environment

A student may be removed from the academic environment for an interim period by the dean, student affairs/or designee. Should this occur, a student will be prohibited from participating in the curriculum or any extracurricular activities, though they may remain effectively enrolled in the college while retaining access to limited student resources.  Notice of removal will be provided in writing and is not subject to review or appeal.

Removal from the academic environment is warranted when the dean, student affairs/or designee determines that the student’s presence in the learning environment has the potential to negatively impact any individual, property, or university function as described in the Essential Qualifications and Technical Standards Policy. The student will be required to complete a technical standards evaluation, in accordance with the policy, prior to consideration for return to the academic environment.

If a student is suspended or expelled by the University of Arizona Dean of Students Office, the student will receive notice from the COM-P vice dean, undergraduate medical education/or designee confirming dismissal from COM-P. The student is not entitled to a hearing or appeal within the college.

Incidents concerning unprofessional behavior in extracurricular activities or interactions, violation of clinical site policies (including HIPAA), or other violations of ABOR policy that are not otherwise addressed by the University of Arizona Dean of Students Office will be referred to the SPC.

See the University of Arizona’s Student Code of Conduct policies and sanctions.

Course* = Any component of the curriculum where a grade is earned.


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