It is the policy of the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix (COM-P) to refund tuition and fee payments to medical students who have withdrawn or been dismissed prior to the published refund date for coursework. Partial refunds may be assessed for students who complete 1- unit and drop all remaining units by the published refund date for coursework. Refer to the UArizona Office of the Registrar’s non-standard class dates to confirm. 

Typically, if a medical student has already completed coursework,  greater than 2 units a semester, a tuition and fees refund will not be granted even if other enrollment is dropped from the same semester.

  1. Tuition and fees are prorated for only 1-unit enrollment and students are charged the full-time tuition and fees rate after 2+ units of COM-P enrollment (e.g., if a student withdraws from a course[s] but remains registered for at least 2+ credit hours, then there is no refund of tuition and fees given to the student). 
    1. A prorated refund is available to students who have completed 1 unit and drop all remaining units by the published refund date for coursework. 
    2. If a student requests a total withdrawal from coursework or is dismissed from COM-P, refund eligibility is determined upon the published refund drop date of the student’s first enrolled class of each semester. Refunds are not granted if the withdrawal or dismissal date is after the drop date. 
    3. Refer to the UArizona Office of the Registrar’s non-standard class dates to confirm. Published refund drop dates are specific to each enrolled course and the number of units for enrollment. 
  2. The per semester disability insurance charge will only be credited back to the student’s Bursar’s account if they drop all enrollment before starting any coursework as determined by the COM-P Registrar
  3. A student receiving financial aid must consult with the COM-P Financial Aid Office regarding rules and regulations pertaining to any award if the student plans to drop units or completely withdraw from the COM-P. 
    1. Federal regulations require Title IV financial aid funds to be offered under the assumption that a student will attend the institution for the entire period in which federal assistance was awarded. 
    2. When a student withdraws from courses for any reason, including medical reasons, they may no longer be eligible for the full amount of Title IV funds that they were originally scheduled to receive. 
    3. UArizona students who receive federal financial aid and do not complete their classes during a semester could be responsible for repaying a portion of the aid they received. 
    4. Students who do not begin attendance must repay all financial aid disbursed for the semester. 
  4. COM-P financial aid recipients who either withdraw, take an approved leave of absence, or are dismissed from COM-P are required to meet with the COM-P Financial Aid Office to discuss the implications for their financial aid prior to their dismissal, withdrawal, or leave of absence taking effect. This counseling includes information similar to a loan exit interview with special emphasis on grace and repayment periods of their loans, including options for forbearance and loan repayment. 
  5. Withdrawals that occur soon after a financial aid disbursement may result in the repayment of some or all funds in accordance with the U.S. Department of Education’s Title IV policy. Students who receive federal (Title IV) aid, such as Federal Direct Student loans, and withdraw from all classes, or drop below full-time enrollment, may owe a repayment to the UArizona. The U.S. Department of Education policies require the UArizona Financial Aid Office to perform a Return of Title IV (R2T4) aid calculation for any student who withdraws prior to completing the semester. Information and details regarding the Return of Title IV Aid calculation can be found on the university’s Withdrawal Policy webpage. 
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