The UA College of Medicine – Phoenix is pleased to offer special event space to organizations that have an existing affiliation or business relationship with the College of Medicine and/or relevance to the College in support of the mission for academic health care.

Rates and fees

Registered student organizations, University of Arizona and Northern Arizona University departments are exempt from charges for curriculum/credit-bearing courses during regular business hours. All other non-curriculum events held during regular business hours as well as events (internal or external) held outside of regular business hours will be charged according to an established fee schedule.

Rates and Fees Sheet (PDF)

Meeting Room Policies

Room Scheduling

It is the policy of UA Health Sciences Scheduling that all conference, meeting and teaching space be placed into a single pool of rooms. UAHS Scheduling shall have responsibility for scheduling all internal and external non-video events in these rooms through the Astra Schedule. All videoconferencing requests should be scheduled through the above link using the "Videoconference form." Contact the Special Events Coordinator (602-827-2007) for assistance.

  1. Non-academic meeting room requests must be made according to the following timeline:
    • For January – June events: After July 15 in the preceding calendar year.
    • For July – December events: After December 15 in the same calendar year.

Early requests will be denied. First priority is given to activities necessary to the advancement of the educational mission of the Phoenix Biomedical Campus (i.e., credit-bearing classes and exams).

  1. Student organizations interested in a conducting any special events must contact the Student Organization Office (602-827-2365) or visit the Student Organization web site for guidelines and procedures. The Student Services Coordinator may work with the Special Events Coordinator to plan and execute the event.
  2. The COM–P reserves the right to change location and/or cancel an event or meeting when necessary. Every effort will be made to notify the client in advance and to accommodate the client in an alternate location.
  3. The COM–P restricts usage of its facilities to 3rd party clients with an existing business relationship with the University of Arizona.
  4. 3rd party clients not co-sponsored by a University of Arizona entity will be required to complete a UA Facilities Use Agreement and shall provide and maintain insurance applicable to the event as follows:
    • Commercial general liability in the amount of $2,000,000 (each occurrence).
    • Comprehensive automobile liability in the amount of $1,000,000 (if the event involves vehicle use on University property).
    • Workers’ Compensation as required by statute and employer’s liability in the amount of $100,000 (if applicable).
  5. A non-refundable deposit of 50 percent of the total rental may be requested and is due 30 days in advance for UA affiliated groups and 60 days in advance for off-campus groups.
  6. The University of Arizona does not accept reservations from any organization with outstanding payments due to the University.
  7. Room charges will apply to all reservations where an attendance/registration fee is charged to guests and or recruiters/exhibitors.
  8. Thirty (30) days’ notice may be required for cancelation of reservations for the Virginia G. Piper Auditorium. Cancelations received after that time and no shows will be subject to a fee equal to 50 percent of the reservation rate.*
  9. Two (2) weeks’ notice may be required for cancelation of reservations in all PBC campus spaces with the exception of the Virginia G. Piper Auditorium. Cancelations received after that time and no shows may be subject to a fee equal to 50 percent of the reservation rate.*
  10. All requests for rooms, equipment and/or set-up made with less than five (5) full working days may be charged up to 100 percent of the reservation rate.*

*In addition to direct resource expenses (i.e. custodial, security, AV support).

Room Usage

  1. Requests for changes to the regular set up in any room will be covered by the facilities fee. Clients holding large events or events that require a detailed or unusual set up will be requested to submit a floor plan. The Special Events Coordinator will consult with the event planner in advance of the event to ensure clarity of arrangements. Any re-arrangement needed to the original floor plan design is the responsibility of the event planner. If Facilities is requested to make any changes to the final set up, the event planner/organization will be assessed a $100 change fee.
  2. Stationary furniture in rooms are not to be moved under any circumstances or a fee could be assessed. If damage occurs in a room and/or there is a loss of equipment, the responsible group/party will be assessed a fee reflective of the cost for replacement/repair.
  3. A custodial service charge is assessed for both food/beverage clean up as well as general housekeeping oversight.
  4. Any group leaving a room that requires cleaning and having not made previous arrangements for custodial support will be assessed an additional custodial fee of $100 for clean-up.
  5. The PBC is not responsible for personal items, either lost, stolen or left in the room.

Audio Visual

  1. Clients are encouraged to utilize the audio-visual equipment as is in assigned rooms. Clients requiring a more elaborate set-up or technical support should consult Media Production staff (602-291-4337) to determine capabilities to support their event. Such requests, if approved, will be assessed a fee.
  2. Laptops, CD players and MP3 players may be used in conjunction with campus sound equipment. No other client provided equipment may be connected to the campus sound system without the approval of Media Production staff.


  1. Based on the venue, a security fee may be assessed for external events during regular working hours and for all events after hours or on Saturdays (no Sunday events are permitted). Security fees will be calculated based on the time a group requests access to the space and will include at least a ½ hour bridge time at both the beginning and end of an event to allow for early and late arrivals. More than one guard may be required based on event specifics.


  1. Signs may only be placed in areas pre-approved by the Special Events Coordinator and must be placed on sign stanchions. The College can provide sidewalk signs and sandwich boards for clients’ use and assembly for a charge of $10 each. Clients are responsible for putting the signs in place and returning them at the end of their events or a restocking fee of $25 may be charged.


  1. The use of glitter and confetti is prohibited in all locations unless authorized by the Special Events Coordinator in consultation with Facilities. Decorations may be placed on sign holders or tables. Hanging, taping or affixing decorations to walls, doors, windows or floors is prohibited.
  2. Candles, incense or other flammable items may not be burned in any PBC facility. Special arrangements must be made for ceremonial purposes.
  3. Smoking is prohibited anywhere within the PBC campus.
  4. The PBC is designated a public venue, as such, all movies shown must have copyright approval.


  1. Clients can use whatever caterer they desire for drop and go service. A UA-approved caterer must be used if the caterer remains on campus to set up, serve and clean-up or if the food/beverage cost will be greater than $750. When serving alcohol, a UA-approved caterer and UA-approved bartender must be used.
  2. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited from use in any room, office or area of the PBC campus. On special occasions when alcohol is desired to be served, the submission of an alcohol permit as well as a $15 application fee is required. The Special Events Coordinator can assist with completing the permit as there is very specific language that needs to be used as well as strict requirements for which bartenders and caterers must be used. The check should be made payable to the University of Arizona and must accompany the application. When serving alcohol, a UA-approved caterer must be used. A current list of UA-approved bartenders.


  1. Groups requesting storage of materials prior to an event may be charged a fee of $4/box each day that they are stored on the PBC campus. The PBC does not facilitate outgoing shipments or disposals. Provision of either of these services may result in the assessment of additional fees.
  2. Clients needing to unload items can use the 20-minute spaces in the Disabled/PBC lot. If additional time is required, security should be contacted (602-827-2368) for approval. If space is required for greater than one hour, a parking permit should be obtained from the kiosk and the vehicle should be moved to a regular parking space if available. Arrangements for visitor parking in campus lots must be made with Parking and Transportation Services, (520-621-3710). The College does not have any control of parking availability or charges.

Campus Usage

  1. PBC staff, faculty and students who utilize campus conference rooms, classrooms and equipment are responsible for:
    • Conducting themselves in a professional manner so as to not inconvenience other groups using the COM–P campus offices.
    • Any carpet cleaning expenses due to food or beverages being spilled.
    • Any repair or cleaning expenses for equipment that is misused. If repair or cleaning is necessary due to misuse, requesting departments will be responsible for the expense of all repairs. If equipment is faulty or needs normal maintenance, please notify Instructional Support, 602-827-4357 Option #4.
    • Returning equipment to its original location and storage containers.
    • Ensuring room is clean and ready for use by the next group.
    • Cleaning whiteboards if used.
    • Groups not cleaning up or re-setting rooms appropriately, will be assessed a custodial fee of $50.
    • If groups leave rooms in an improper and/or messy condition a second time, they will be assessed a punitive fee of $100 and future use may be suspended.
    • A room used without scheduling through the Astra system that requires custodial clean-up will be assessed a punitive fee of $100.
Planning and Operations
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