It is the policy of the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix that faculty serving as Curricular Unit* Directors shall:

  1. Develop measurable learning objectives for each block, course, clerkship, elective, selective, theme and certificate of distinction.
  2. Review the Curriculum Committee-approved Educational Program Objectives for the MD degree and map each of the learning objectives, in collaboration with the Director, Curricular Management, for the block, course, clerkship, elective, selective, themes or certificate of distinction to one or more of the Educational Program Objectives.
  3. Annually review the mapped learning objectives, including the outcome measures specifically used to assess achievement of each learning objective, in collaboration with the Office of Assessment and Evaluation.
  4. Assess the degree to which the content and learning objectives are appropriate by self-assessment and/or workgroup report to help students meet the objectives of the educational program.
  5. Make adjustments as deemed appropriate.

See Educational Program Objectives Policy.

*Any component of the curriculum where a grade is earned

Curriculum Committee
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