Automatic Dismissal

It is the policy of the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix (COM – P) that a student who meets any of the following conditions be automatically dismissed from the Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree program. The Senior Associate Dean, Academic Affairs notifies both the student and the Student Progress Committee of the criteria that triggered the automatic dismissal.

  • The student fails the same curricular unit* twice.
  • The student fails three different curricular units. 
  • The student has not completed all the requirements for the MD degree within six years from the date of matriculation. Leaves of absence for any reason are included and count toward the maximum time of six years. The student must take no more than three years from the date of matriculation to the end of the Transition to Clerkships Block to satisfactorily complete Years 1 and 2. The student may take no more than three years after beginning any required Year 3 clerkship to satisfactorily complete Years 3 and 4. A student in the MD/PhD dual degree program must complete both degrees within a ten-year period. Exceptions are at the discretion of the Student Progress Committee.

Other Dismissal

The Student Progress Committee may recommend to the Senior Associate Dean, Academic Affairs the dismissal of a student who is unable to successfully complete remediation plans or repeatedly functions below expectations. 


A student may be automatically suspended by the Associate Dean, Student Affairs for egregious behavior or actions for an interim period prior to the resolution of the disciplinary proceeding if the Associate Dean determines that the continued presence of the student poses a threat to any individual, property, or university function. Sanctions, as appropriate, may be imposed in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct, up to and including suspension or dismissal from COM – P. In addition to any other sanction, any student who has been found responsible for threatening behavior after an opportunity for appeal may be expelled from COM – P.

See the University of Arizona's Student Code of Conduct policies and sanctions

*Any component of the curriculum where a grade is earned, including blocks, courses, clerkships, electives and selectives.

Curriculum Committee
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