Department News


The college's Department of Emergency Medicine was created to foster the development of Emergency Medicine education, clinical care and research throughout Arizona.

Our mission is to create an energetic, enthusiastic, efficient and empowered network of students and physicians to improve care for patients locally and nationally. 


Emergency Medicine serves as the gateway to medical care for much of our patient population. We are an integral element of a smoothly functioning medical system, and are key to facilitating the correct care at the correct time. We connect to inpatient and outpatient, young and old, medical, surgical, obstetric and psychiatric disciplines and to all degrees of illness. And we do this 24/7/365. Emergency physicians are the experts of resuscitation and lead the nation in point-of-care ultrasound, toxicology, EMS and risk stratification.

To be a strong provider of care, Emergency Medicine must stay flexible and ready to interact with other specialties, while recognizing the multiple regulatory and system hurdles unique to our practice.