The vision for the Department of Radiology at the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix is to be a leading radiology education institution known throughout the country.

The department encourages radiology faculty to be actively engaged in teaching, research or other scholarly activities to benefit the next generation of physicians.

The Department of Radiology includes over 85 faculty members across the valley. The College of Medicine – Phoenix partners with faculty in the community for collaborative and educational opportunities. Medical students and residents participate in rotations between various teaching sites to learn about radiology and other specialties. Teaching sites include:

What is Radiology?

Radiology is the medical specialty that uses radiation testing for the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Radiology practice includes the use of ionizing radiation (X-rays), nonionizing radiation (ultrasound), as well as minimally invasive image-guided technologies and procedures/therapies. There are many subspecialties under radiology, including:

  • Abdominal (GI/GU) radiology.
  • Women’s imaging.
  • Cardiothoracic imaging.
  • Interventional radiology.
  • Musculoskeletal imaging.
  • Neurointerventional radiology.
  • Neuroradiology.
  • Nuclear medicine.
  • Pediatric radiology.