Our fellowship is sponsored by the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix, with shared major clinical training sites at Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix and the Phoenix VA Medical Center. The fellowship provides a three-year pulmonary and critical care medicine training program.

We aim to graduate fellows that the faculty would feel fortunate to have as practice partners and would trust with the care of a sick family member. This requires a graduate fellow to:

  1. Consistently provide good bedside patient care — demonstrating a strong sense of personal responsibility, sound decision-making and procedural competency.
  2. Master medical knowledge of pulmonary and critical care medicine, with an emphasis on underlying physiology and pathophysiology.
  3. Reflect on the results of their clinical actions to continuously improve the care they provide.
  4. Be forthright, compassionate and empathetic in their communication with patients, families and co-workers.
  5. Act in the best tradition of the profession — putting the interest of the patient first, leading the team of care givers by good example and always demonstrating good attitude, ethical behavior, honesty and trustworthiness.
  6. Take responsibility for clinical outcomes in the larger context of health care delivery systems.
  7. Become a clinician-scholar, exercising critical appraisal of the literature and the ability to translate a clinical question into a research presentation or publication.