How the College is Giving Back

We are living in an is an unprecedented time — one that has upended many aspects of our lives. Although COVID-19 has disrupted many of our norms, it is also demonstrating the irreplaceable role and value of physicians in healing, discovering new therapies and educating the public.

Our medical students and faculty recognize the importance of that role and have taken it upon themselves to give back in any way they can.

Through community outreach, grassroots efforts and new innovations, representatives from the College of Medicine – Phoenix have tackled this challenge head on.

COVID-19 Student Service Corps (CSSC)

Supporting Arizona health systems, as well as their patients, the workforce and communities facing the COVID-19 pandemic

Students Taking Initiative

Ask a Doc: The Coronavirus

Lisa Grimaldi, MD, Candace Engelhardt, MD, and Claire Bowey, MD, answer common questions about COVID-19's effects on children
What People with Pre-existing Pulmonary Conditions Need to Know to Protect Themselves From COVID-19
Dr. Bachini answers back-to-school questions regarding the mental health of children
Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen to Treat Fever Associated with the Novel Coronavirus? A Physician Weighs In
Pediatrician discusses what parents need to know about the expected rise in pediatric drowning cases
Dr. Kirkilas shares his back-to-school advice to help keep your child safe during the pandemic

Community Engagement

Clinical Care

Provider Support