The Graduate Medical Education Office oversees all visiting resident rotations for Banner Medical Centers in the Phoenix area. We welcome visiting residents from other institutions.

All required paperwork must be submitted to the Graduate Medical Education (GME) program, which the rotation will take place at least 90 days before the rotation start date. Participation in any rotation will be permitted on a space-available basis. Written approval of the rotation with the determined rotation dates is required from the host GME program’s director. Approval is at the discretion of the program/department.

The visiting resident will not be allowed to participate in the rotation until all items are completed for the rotation. Please note that housing, travel and meals are not provided.

Rotating Resident Overview

Visiting resident rotation requests must be sent 90 days before the rotation start date.

  1. Complete and submit the Visiting Resident Request Form to request a rotation. Once completed, a program administrator will be in contact with availability to accept the visiting resident.
  2. Once the rotation is approved, the program administrator from the College of Medicine – Phoenix program completes the Visiting Resident Approval Form and Program Letter of Agreement (PLA) Form.
    • The PLA is required to be approved for a visiting resident to start; if not approved by the start of the rotation, the visiting resident's rotation will need to be re-scheduled.
  3. The GME office utilizes New Innovations (NI) for visiting resident’s onboarding. The GME institutional administrator will issue the NI onboarding checklists to the visiting resident and collect the following information.
    • Personnel information.
    • Rotation dates.
    • Preceptor.
    • Immunization records.
      • COVID vaccine documentation.
    • Medical school diploma.
    • Residency certificate (if applicable).
    • Curriculum vitae (most current).
    • ECFMG certificate (if applicable).
    • AZ MD/DO license/permit.
    • Worker’s compensation coverage.
    • Malpractice insurance.
    • Personal health insurance.
  4. Visiting Residents must complete:
    • Electronic Health Record software training (if required by the rotation) must be completed five days before the rotation start date or the rotation will need to be re-scheduled.
    • Learning modules (listed below) must be completed three days before rotation start date or rotation will need to be re-scheduled.
      • HIPAA compliance.
      • Cyber security.
    • Background check – The link to request a background check will be sent to you by email.
  5. The GME institutional administrator will notify the visiting resident, visiting resident’s program administrator and the program administrator (host site) once all steps have been completed for clearance for the rotation.