A Graduate Certificate in Bioethics is ideal for current and future professionals in the fields of medicine, nursing, dentistry, social work, veterinary medicine, genetic counseling, public policy, biotechnology, hospital ethics committees, as well as science researchers. The Department of Bioethics and Medical Humanism philosophy maintains that ethical assumptions and values underlie personal decision-making, whether we are aware of it or not.

Value assumptions drive decision-making in professional and civic life, as well — whether in business, law, medicine, politics or the public forum. It is only through frank, honest and informed conversations of our most fundamental values that we can have professional relationships that are not hindered by outside direction or control.

This would be a great area to receive a certificate in. As a grad student of Speech-Language Pathology at the UArizona, we don’t discuss the issues of bioethics in great detail. This would be an excellent way to set me apart from other grad students while more importantly informing my clinical practice in a positive manner.

— Graduate Student
Speech, Language and Hearing Science