Mid-Point Progress Report

C1. Leadership and Excellence in Clinical Care

Work with clinical affiliates to recruit, support and develop high-quality, diverse faculty committed to best-in-class clinical care.

  • C1a. Recruit National Leaders:
    • Progress – Chairs have been hired for the Departments of Surgery, Child Health, Neurosurgery, Orthopedics and Family, Community and Preventive Medicine; new searches are under way for Neurology and Radiology and for an interim chair of Emergency Medicine; division chiefs of Cardiology and Gastroenterology have been appointed; and, lastly, searches are underway for division chiefs of ENT, ID, Endocrine Surgery and Bariatric Surgery.
    • Next Steps – Complete the leadership searches; and task the new chairs with identifying areas of distinction.
  • C1b. Develop Academic Opportunities for BUMG physicians:
    • Progress – Developed a new communication vehicle, which is in use; developed an inventory of opportunities at the college; incorporated the discussion of successes within this initiative into annual reviews; and identified a new position of Longitudinal Active Learning faculty to engage Banner – UMG physicians in the pre-clerkship teaching within the college.
    • Next Steps – Recruit five physicians as Longitudinal Active Learning faculty; institute a Banner Leadership Group to meet with the dean; and track/measure department success.

C2. Develop Clinical Programs of National Distinction

Identify, plan and develop clinical programs of distinction to meet the health care needs of clinical partners.

  • Progress – Strategic white papers have been developed with several Banner entities, as well as the college; and programs of distinction have been established for Cardiology, Surgery and Orthopedics.
  • Next Steps – The dean will check with leaders on plans, progress and the timelines to develop programs of distinction.

C3. Develop and Implement Alignment and Synergism in Clinical Care, Education and Academics

  • Progress – This initiative has been folded into C2.