The Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Team Hands Out Information in the HSEB

Pillar V: Enabling Operational Greatness

Develop data and technology infrastructure to enhance educational access and impact for faculty, students, clinical partners and stakeholders (Mid-Point Progress Report).

  • O1a. Access to Conferences:
    • Survey and prioritize conferences (graduate medical education, continuing medical education, scientific, symposia, etc.) for digital presentation across campus or for sharing with the University of Arizona, College of Medicine – Tucson and other educational partners.
      • Lead: Beverly Spink.

Offer regular and recurring channels for proactive communication, messaging and feedback with students, faculty and staff (Mid-Point Progress Report).

  • O2a. Conduct Surveys:
    • Conduct regular faculty, staff and student surveys for input on key issues.
      • Lead: Chante Martin.
  • O2b. Develop Tools:
    • Develop communication tools to disseminate College of Medicine – Phoenix messaging and progress on milestones to key stakeholders and affiliates.
      • Lead: Beth Smith, MBA.

Improve organizational decision-making (Mid-Point Progress Report).

  • O3a. Effective Processes:
    • Identify, implement and annually assess the effectiveness of key College of Medicine – Phoenix and University of Arizona Health Sciences organizational processes.
      • Lead: Janet Sabuco, MBA.