Mid-Point Progress Report

O1. Amplify Education Impact by Enhancing Connectivity

Develop data and technology infrastructure to enhance educational access and impact for faculty, students, clinical partners and stakeholders.

    • O1a. Access to Conferences:
      • Progress – Conference sharing is occurring.
      • Next Steps – Sunset initiative as stated; switch to evaluating IT infrastructure by department.

    O2. Keep Proactive Communication

    Offer regular and recurring channels for proactive communication, messaging and feedback with students, faculty and staff.

      • O2a. Conduct Surveys:
        • Progress – Employee (staff) survey distributed with the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion survey in the third quarter of the fiscal year; Human Resources will send this annually; surveys for faculty and students are being handled by other departments.
        • Next Steps – Assess survey results and develop a reporting plan.
      • O2b. Develop Tools:
        • Progress – TBD.
        • Next Steps – Beth Smith to report back in fall 2021.

      O3. Advance Institutional and Organizational Effectiveness

      Improve organizational decision-making.

        • O3a. Effective Processes:
          • Progress – Several CQI processes have been implemented.
          • Next Steps – Integrate them into ongoing CQI structure and processes; Janet Sabuco to work with the dean on this integration.