1. Application for human research form.
  2. Appendix for alteration/waivers of consent or PHI form.
  3. List of research personnel form.
    • This form lists all staff participating in the study and CITI research training dates.
  4. Current CV for the principal investigator and co-investigators.
  5. The University of Arizona medical consent form (Word – v. Feb. 2019) template is required for any medical research interacting directly with patients at the Banner – University Medical Centers Tucson, South or Phoenix campuses.
  6. Data collection sheets or case report forms.
  7. Conflict of interest.
  8. Banner feasibility approval (RIF).
  9. Collaborative activities with Banner Health.
  10. Other approvals required before IRB Submission (PDF).
  11. Submitting documents to the IRB.

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