Any surveys, evaluations or other mechanisms seeking student input, in addition to that which students are currently asked to provide as part of a standard block, course, clerkship, elective, selective, or session evaluation, are to be submitted for review to the Assessment and Evaluation Subcommittee (AES) at least four weeks prior to being disseminated to students. Submissions will be made using the Survey Approval Form.  

All surveys and evaluations submitted to the AES are reviewed to determine Institutional Review Board (IRB) requirements. Applicants are encouraged to contact the research coordinator in the Scholarly Project office regarding IRB requirements prior to their submission to the AES. All submissions will be examined for timing of dissemination within the curriculum, content appropriateness and brevity. 

Student-driven surveys used for the purposes of a scholarly project or for other research purposes must also be submitted to AES using the Survey Approval Form. All student surveys must include a faculty mentor or sponsor before they can be considered for approval. 

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